dennese ♥
happy birthday to my not so little brother, you’re getting old and I can’t wait to kick your butt in paintball on sunday😈❤️
a little obsessed with my new coach valeries💘
#wcw my best friends that I miss and love so so so much💖😍😩
happy fourth from me and the pup🐶💙❤️
throughout the past nine days I’ve met a great group of people who constantly make me laugh and smile. who knew how close you could get to complete strangers in such a short amount of time. over these days we’ve made unforgettable memories and lifelong friends, from Rubens dictatorship to running late to class just to get Starbucks or even our bus rides. I’ll miss you all so much, I love you guys! banting the best💙
my dear stef, I’m so glad I met you and have annoyed you every since😊 I’ve loved every second spent with you and I’ll miss you so much. it’s gonna be so weird not seeing you since I’m so used to being with you every second of the day. I love making you smile and laugh (and messing around with daisy😂). even though we’ve only known each other for a short time, I feel like I’ve known you forever! and I’m glad to call you my best friend, I don’t think I would’ve survived Banting without you😘 can’t wait to drive down wpb and party with ya! never a dull moment with you! don’t even pretend you didn’t think this was adorable because you like all that mushy gushy stuff😂 I love you so so much stef💗
so happy I got to meet cara today, in just five days this beautiful little princess will be turning eight. when she was four years old she was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma. she fought through and won her battle against cancer. I loved hearing her story and just seeing her full of joy. keep smiling, happy birthday cara💗